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→‎Vandalism?: probably not _vandalism_ but really useless edits.
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(→‎Vandalism?: probably not _vandalism_ but really useless edits.)
== Vandalism? ==
Hi Grin! Please see [[Special:Contribs/|]]. It looks to me to be mostly constructive, except for the redirecting of existing articles to that list page. Could you take a look? Thanks, [[Szerkesztő:Vermont|Vermont]] ([[Szerkesztővita:Vermont|vita]]) 2019. december 13., 02:05 (CET)
:That's a hard question. All the words are vulgar from moderate to extreme, and there is no content, apart from redirecting to the "vulgar words in hungarian" page, with a blanked discussion page. I'd say these all canbe deleted due to zero content. --[[user:grin|grin]] [[user vita:grin|✎]] 2020. január 10., 12:46 (CET)